Summer vacation can be a great time, or one of frustration and fighting with kids at home. Add one or two hormonal middle schoolers, and sibling conflict is guaranteed. How can you help the natural process of sibling rivalry during the summer months?5-Tips-for-Sibling-Relationships-During-300x300

1. Give kids time and space apart.  You don’t need a big house to do this. Give your teen the space from younger siblings if they are irritable or moody. It gives both of them appropriate boundaries for their development and vice versa for older siblings who taunt younger ones.

2. Give teens a reasonable amount of time to resolve the conflict before stepping in. It’s healthy for siblings to work out conflict. However, there’s a proper time for a parent to step in and say, “No more.” Even the best middle schoolers can taunt, aggravate, or abuse their power over younger siblings.

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