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“In Fledge, Brenda L. Yoder provides sensitive, biblical wisdom for moms who want to launch well”.

Jim Daly

President, Focus on the Family

Event Planner Recommendation

Brenda presents from the heart and helps the listener feel drawn to her words and her stories. She addresses issues that are not always directly addressed in a faith-based community, but the sense of relief can literally be felt within the four walls surrounding the audience; like a burden is being lifted that she is speaking to the listener about these challenging, yet realistic concerns.

Brenda speaks with passion and poise; her words are delicately chosen yet boldly delivered. She is able to bring a group of people together in a way that helps build camaraderie and connection. The ways in which Brenda addresses the audience, through her personal stories, through Scripture, and through heart-felt prayer, leaves the attendees with a feeling of ownership and desire to help share in the passion she provokes through her speaking engagement.

It is not only clear to me through Brenda’s speaking but also through her writing and, more concretely, through the actions of her everyday life, that she has a hunger, a calling, and a purpose to share the knowledge she has accumulated with regards to children, families, care, and God’s everlasting love.

An educator to the core, Brenda is able to engage the audience, excite their senses to learning, and leave them feeling filled with new and usable information as well as filled with a sense of love and purpose. Not only does Brenda come through with giving the information that is necessary accurately, she also comes through with encouraging others to live out their purposes and be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.”

Lindsay London, LMHC

Women's Event Planner

“I’ve been a Christian my whole life. Never have I been more moved.”  

Audience member



“I needed…to get encouraged and recharged. That process started listening to your talk. You helped reverse a train of stress that walk almost out of control. I hung on your words and clung to them in the week. You took my hand and lead me back into sight of the Holy Spirit. I am so grateful for your encouragement.” Darron Schroeder, Breathe Writer’s Conference Planning Team

“Brenda spoke to our MOPS group and touched so many of our mothers with her honesty, humor, and love of Christ. I appreciated her inspiring story of God’s grace, love, and story of redemption for us all. Through her own struggles, Brenda gave us all hope and encouragement. We cannot wait to have her back again.” Lynn Strueh, Zionsville, IN

My church had a one day women’s retreat and Brenda was our speaker.  Our Women’s Ministry Board were all in agreement that this was the best retreat we’ve had in the past few years.  Brenda brought Scripture alive to us and spoke Truth.  She has and is living what she is teaching.Women’s Ministry Leader

“I have heard so many people say how much they enjoyed and appreciated everything you had to say! One mom told me that you got to her “core.” I felt the same! God is using you in amazing ways and I’m so thankful that He blessed us with you.”  Becky McInerny, MOPS Coordinator, Indianapolis, IN

“I honor your expertise in adolescent culture and parenting. I love the relevant topics you cover for parents, particularly moms, and know they trust your wisdom.”  Brian Housman, Author of Tech Savy Parenting 

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