How do you describe home? During the holiday season, home means many things. As I wrote Fledge: Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind, I asked friends what their idea of “home” is for a chapter on home. These were the responses:

  • Home is love and laughter, noise, heartache, tears, and family.
  • Home is freedom.
  • Home is my safe base, my nest.
  • Home is where I retreat to after doing battle all day. 
  • Home is where you can live, where memories are made.
  • Home is where I am unconditionally loved.
  • Home means having a safe place to land.
  • Home is my sanctuary.
  • Home is people, safety, relief.
  • Home is where I’m comfortable, the place I feel free to relax, unwind, and be with those I love.

  • Home is where my life seems at peace and at rest, where my heart yearns to be, and where my family thrives.
  • Home is where I can be myself without fear of being judged or misunderstood.
  • Home is where I’m loved unconditionally.
  • Home is where your loved ones are.
  • Home is where you can just relax, reconnect, and recharge.
  • Home is your soft place to fall.
  • Home is where ever we can all be together.
  • Home is shelter, customized to provide spiritual and emotional comfort. It’s as unique as the persons inhabiting it.
  • There is truly no place like home.
  • Home is where we give thanks, recharge, and help each other handle what the fallen world has dealt us.
  • Home has never been a house. Home is where I know and feel I belong.

  • Home is where I can be my whole self.
  • Home is anywhere I hear my mother’s voice.
  • Home is a place many long for. Our home will be with Christ in eternity. Only then will that longing be filled.

As my kids are making their homes in other places, home and the holidays are becoming more intrinsic. Similar to the descriptions of home, home is a feeling more than anything.

That feeling is beautifully described in Susie Finkbeiner’s new book, A Song of Home, a Christian novel, the third in a series which takes place during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. One thing I love about the story is that it encompasses the feelings of home, but not in the Hallmark Christmas movie way. Through the story, you experience the pure and honest perception of what home is to a child who faces hardship, disappointment, and love. 

I’m excited to offer a giveaway of A Song of Home to one of you. Just comment below what home means to you and your name will be entered. It’s that simple. You can expect other giveaways of great books in the coming months. It’s my privilege to share great, encouraging work from fellow authors. So watch your email in the next couple of months. (If you haven’t subscribed to the blog, do so here!)

What Home Means to Me

First, I’ll share about home. Home is where the people I love the most are. It’s where I can be myself, and where there’s unconditional love. It’s where I don’t have to strive or perform. It’s where I can be all of myself, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and not be judged. It’s also a place what feels safe because of the atmosphere. Home is somewhere that’s not so perfect, and yet simply beautiful and welcoming.

I’d love to hear about your meaning of home. Comment below and you’ll be entered to win A Song of Home. Entries will end December 21.


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