A conversation between my youngest and his friend, “Where’s your mom going tomorrow?”  Answer, “She’s going to Indy to share her testimony.”  “That’s cool.”

Testimony: Evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something.

I started writing this blog because I found myself speaking in hushed corners with people, people like me who needed hope when their life didn’t match the storybook, picket fence image.  People like me who walked  in silent hopelessness full of shame and brokenness.  I shared hope with them, because I knew similar pain.  And we understood each other.

This weekend, I’ll be sharing my Hope Beyond the Picket Fence story  testimony.  It’s not a pretty one, like that picket fence image.  It’s filled with dirt, weeds, and manure.

While the pain of our picket fence journey is still fresh and being vulnerable with it is scary, I find ease in sharing it with anyone who needs hope of a Living God who redeems lives and restores broken dreams.

I’ve lived and learned that hope and restoration isn’t elusive like that picket fence image. It’s not a feel-good front we put on when our world is falling apart.

It’s acknowledging when life is full of dirt, manure, and weeds, good things can still grow.

It’s allowing the Gardner of Hope to weed out the destructive elements, receiving His forgiveness so something beautiful can grow from the years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25). It’s making hard choices, choosing humility over rights.

I’ll be real: being vulnerable is risky business.  So is sharing God’s grace.

Walking a hard road alone is the perfect recipe for hopelessness. But when we share our journeys, we become the hands and feet of Jesus, for His honor and glory, coming alongside each other offering hope.  Where do you need hope?  Where have you risked being vulnerable in order to share in someone’s journey, providing them hope?  We would love to hear your story.

Readers, if this ministry has ministered to you, will you pray that God’s restorative grace be poured out as I share my story this weekend, that women struggling with things of life will be set free of shame and brokenness, and receive Hope in a Living God who redeems lives?

 In His great love and mercy, I thank you.

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