Brenda’s passion is ministering to women through God’s word, humor, and authentic faith. She is an unforgettable and moving speaker for your women’s retreat. She can do whole retreats, day retreat, or be a co-speaker for a retreat. Recent retreat themes include:

  • Balance, Busyness and Not Doing It All. This retreat has several formats–one just for moms, but also one for a general group of women needing to find balance in today’s busy world!
  • First Things First: Finding Intimacy With Christ for Busy Women. This retreat faces the age-old dilemma of Mary vs. Martha, only we look at what’s most important in developing an intimate relationship with Jesus no matter your stage of life or busy schedule.
  • Chosen: Being Secure in Your Mess. This retreat looks at embracing a life of being a chosen woman of God through the story of Hannah. Think your life’s a mess? Gain real encouragement from Hannah’s mess on how to live a chosen life amidst adversity.
  • Create in Me. This retreat is personal and inspiring as women look at the beautiful way God has made them to reflect His glory no matter season of life. Based on Psalm 51 and Psalm 139, women will learn to grow more intimate in their relationship with Christ in all areas of life.
  • picket fence retreatsStolen Identify: Finding Your Identity In Christ. Many things sidetrack and steal a woman’s identity–wife, mom, sister, daughter, grandma. This retreat focuses on a woman’s true identity in Christ, not the roles women fill.
  • Lessons from the Classroom of Life: Filled with humor along with practical and spiritual applications, Brenda shares a variety of lessons learned as a mom, wife, teacher, farmer’s wife, and from life far beyond the storybook image. 
  • Getting Beyond Facebook Friends. This retreat focuses on friendships and how to cultivate deep, lasting relationships with other women.
  • Hope Beyond the Picket Fence. This retreat takes a deeper look at unmet expectations and broken dreams we all seem to have when reality doesn’t match what we thought life would be.
  • Springing Forth and Growing in Grace.  This retreat equips women to grow, live intentionally, and move forward when life makes you feel stuck.    
  • Messed Up Women of Scripture
  • Blurred Lines: Being Real In An Artificial World (A retreat for teen girls). Click the link for complete information.

Brenda’s gift as a talented and experienced teacher is to tailor content for your group. Let her bless you at your next event! For more topics, click here.

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