No matter what season of raising kids you are in, chances are you are exhausted. The struggle is real.

As moms, we are uniquely attached to our children’s emotional and physical well being in which we are consistently aware of throughout the parenting journey. It is a lot to feed, clothe, teach, discipline, and nurture a child, especially if you have several children at various stages with various needs. It’s just really…exhausting.

In today’s episode, Brenda talks through six different reasons why parents are facing exhaustion when raising kids and how we can take encouragement from it.

  1. You’re Responsible
  2. Time/It is not yours anymore
  3. Community/Lack of
  4. Comparison/Barely Making it
  5. There’s a lot at stake
  6. Christian Culture that helps and/or hinders

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1 Samuel 16:7


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