Today did not quite go as planned. 

Working part-time means Fridays
 are a day not tied up at school.

For the first time in my life,
 I have an unstructured
 day at home
with a plethora of choices. 

Getting “caught up”
Scheduling “other” things

I had high hopes for today.
At 4:00 today, 
those hopes are dashed.
I’m frustrated.

The laundry is still on the line.
No dinner is made. 
The house in not cleaner.
No writing project worked on.
The dishwasher is full
My hair is greasy
and my dog pooped on the floor.

But four people blessed my life today.

And I got an email from an amazing person
who unknowingly put things 
into perspective.

And I’m reminded 
in the Big Story
Moments matter.

No inspirational words today.
Just life, plain and simple.
Poopy, greasy, unkept
but satisfied.

May the moments you walk in today
reach deep down
to nourish your soul, 
leaving you satisfied.   

“Only two things are eternal – God’s Word and people.” – Chuck Swindoll.

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