Parenting Series: Beautiful Mommy

Jan 2, 2013 | Faith

Each Wednesday, Life Beyond the Picket Fence will post an article related to parenthood.  This week, contributing writer Kristin Nelson of Not Alone Mom shares her heart. 

When becoming a mother, why does the idea of beauty seem irrelevant or unattainable?  Is it the way our bodies have changed?  Is it because we feel so tired all the time?  Is it the ever present smell of spit up lingering on our bodies and clothes?  Or is it because our wardrobe now consists primarily of pajamas and sweat pants?  It seems since becoming a mother we stop prioritizing our own needs because the needs of our children hold more weight and value.

mom applying makeupA few weeks ago I was preparing for a long overdue date night with my husband.  When my mom arrived to watch the kiddos she dismissed me to go get ready saying, “OK – you can go get beautiful for your husband now!”  My immediate response surprised me; I rolled my eyes, and laughed saying, “Beautiful – yeah right!”

Walking back to my room I began to wonder why I reacted the way I did.  What was it about the idea of getting “beautiful” for my husband that was laughable to me?  Staring in the mirror I gave myself a good look.  I saw frizzy hair, dark under-eye circles, and spit-up stained clothes.  The way I looked on the outside seemed a perfect reflection of how I was feeling on the inside.  Tired, achy, physically drained; all of which seemed so far from “beautiful” all I could do was laugh at the thought of the work required to reach that seemingly unreachable goal.

I have come to realize that a mother, especially a new(er) mother, I am content with the opportunity to simply take a long shower and put on some fresh, non -“mom clothes”, and go out for a quiet, uninterrupted meal with my husband.  I don’t ask for much, just a little quiet time to reflect on life, and simply breathe.  I suppose there will come a time when the desire returns to get dolled up from time to time… but in the meantime it’s the simple pleasures I anticipate most.

I believe as mothers our definition of beauty changes.  It’s no longer about high heels and fake eye lashes.  Beauty Kristin Nelsontakes on a more profound role in our lives.  Beauty is the way our children look when they are sleeping:  peaceful, innocent.   Beauty is the magnificent sunrise after a long, sleepless night: brilliant, dawning a new day.  Beauty is a mother’s heart: pure, filled with unconditional love.  Beauty is motherhood: without trying, without even realizing it.

You are a beautiful mommy.

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  1. Amelia

    Oh my! I can so relate to this. My wardrobe is nearly all t-shirts and jeans these days, but they serve me well! Thank you for this encouraging post and reminder of what true beauty is!

    • Not aLone Mom

      Thank you for your feedback Amelia! Gotta love the t-shirts and jeans!! 🙂 Blessings!

  2. licenders

    This is so nice. I find it true, as well, that there is so much raw beauty in a mother, despite the stained skirt, or less than perfect hairdo. It’s a beauty of loving and giving. Thanks for sharing!

    • Not aLone Mom

      Thank you for your feedback… I am so happy that you enjoyed it and can relate. Blessings! Krissy

  3. Janette's Sage

    This made me smile…the other morning I got up and after the shower I told the Lord, “can I please have my body back for one day?” My first four pregnancies didn’t leave a mark on my fact I got smaller, but my wonderful joy when I was 45 and he weighed 10 pounds 4 ozs…well the muscles just gave way and my body shape has a lot to be desired. I don’t regret the cost my body gave for each of my children…and nursing six did its number there also…but there are days I just want to step into something I feel pretty in! So I totally get this post…and even after 29 years of parenting I wouldn’t change anything…but I do think I need to make sure I am beautiful and express that with maybe a new outfit every so often., even though beauty isn’t about the exterior, I do smile bigger when I feel pretty.

    Great post….I enjoyed it!!

    • Not aLone Mom

      Thank you Janette! I am so glad you can relate and found encouragement from this post. I agree with you whole heartily – the toll our body takes is most definitely worth it. 🙂 Appreciate your comment!! Blessings! Krissy

  4. lbdevore

    I love this post!!! And it is so true that the way that we see everything after we become Parents changes!!! Thanks for posting this, Brenda!!!

    • Not aLone Mom

      So glad you enjoyed this post Laura! 🙂 This one is very near and dear to my heart. Blessings! Krissy

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