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When I met Brenda. I was immediately struck by her authenticity and transparency. While Brenda has accomplished a lot by the world’s standards, it is her willingness to let God’s light radiate out of her own brokenness, trials and hardships that makes her message beautiful.

Jen L.

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Hearing your keynote address, you helped reverse a train of stress that was almost out of control. I hung on your words and clung to them in the week. You took my hand and lead me back into sight of the Holy Spirit.

Darron S.

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“Brenda Yoder is a gifted communicator who truly connects with her audience. She is warm, engaging, and knowledgeable. That’s hard to beat.”

Bonnie Emmory

Event Planner, Speak Up Conference


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Through the years, community has meant different things to me. I live in the community in which I was raised. There’s safety and familiarity in knowing those around you, in others knowing where you’ve been and to whom you belong. I experienced community when my child...

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The Secret to Your Child’s Greatest School Year

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