Overcome Holiday Stress Season 2 Episode 6

Dec 9, 2019 | Faith, Podcast Episodes

‘Tis the season for…Stress? Anxiety? Disappointment? Depression?

If you are entering this holiday season with any of the above, you’ll want to listen to this episode! Brenda talks about how the holidays can bring cheer for some while bringing holiday stress for others. To be honest, don’t we all stress about the holidays for one reason or another?

Here are four ways to overcome the stress that comes with the Christmas season:

  1. Identify why you are stressed. Is it the expectations you set for your self or others around you? Are you trying to create the “Perfect Christmas”? Do you have to be around stressful relationships?
  2. Change what you can change in that situation. Is it a relationship you need to set up boundaries? Reconcile? Do you need to change your perspective? Can you implement new traditions?
  3. Be gentle with yourself during times of loss. Loss of a loved one, a divorce, broken relationships, empty nest, illness, etc. Do what you need to do this year to make Christmas meaningful to you.
  4. Cultivate an attitude of Gratitude year round. Begin searching for what God is doing instead of what He is not doing.

Even though this time of year may bring a dump truck of emotions, remember you are loved entirely by the Savior Jesus Christ. From all of us at the Life Beyond the Picket Fence podcast, we wish you a meaningful Christmas season in whatever season of life you are in right now!




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