On The Front Porch: New Podcast Series S3E1

May 26, 2020 | For Women, Life, Podcast Episodes

We have exciting news! The Life Beyond the Picket Fence podcast is starting a new series titled “On the Front Porch” for season three. Brenda is excited to bring Ingrid Lochamire on the podcast with her where they”ll share insights, wisdom, and authentic conversation. You last heard them together on the Valuing Motherhood series at the end of season two. Between the two of them, they have over 100 years of lifetime wisdom of life, faith, and family, beyond the storybook image. Join us!

The First Episode

As we embrace summer, we find ourselves in the middle of what Brenda calls “The Great Pause.” Covid-19 has altered our lives, perhaps not just in the present, but also for the future. In this episode, Brenda and Ingrid share how front porch sitting might be one of the greatest take-aways from this life on pause!

Brenda and Ingrid have been friends for a decade. Many of their best conversations have taken place on one of their front porches. In the first episode, they’ll talk about what makes front porch conversations so meaningful, inviting you to listen! You’ll also learn

  • The significant of a front porch
  • How they met
  • What they have in common as friends
  • What they’ve been doing while staying at home.

This episode is the first in a summer-long series. Join us for even more front porch conversations! Subscribe the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher!

What’s coming up

In the weeks ahead, Brenda and Ingrid talk about:

  • Gifts found in a nurtured and well-tended friendship.
  • Stories of women who have impacted their lives
  • Ways to serve others right in our local communities.
  • Spiritual practices that have enriched their faith, drawing them into a deeper walk with God.
  • They’ll compare notes on family, education and anything else that comes to mind, sharing what they’ve learned with you!

Pull up a chair and enjoy these front-porch conversations!

Join Ingrid, and subscribe to her blog at: www.ingridlochamire.com


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