There are no words to describe the depths of God’s love for us.  His love is more powerful than any of us could every fully know.  His love is strong, yet tender.  He is the mighty creator of the universe, yet he knows each one of us by name.  He wants to walk hand in hand with us through this journey called life.   The best way I know to describe His Love is to share how it has impacted my own life.

There are no words to describe the depths of God’s love for us.
First, His love saved me.
His love rescued me from a life of loneliness and despair; of heartache and pain.  He filled every need and every void with His love.
His love pulled me from a sad place and replaced my mourning with joy.
When the world around me felt hopeless His love gave me peace.  His love was the crutch that held me tall when I was broken.  His love was the wind I could soar through when I was strong.
As a child His love was a constant reminder of my purpose… the purpose He had in store for me. His love has begun to transform that purpose into reality, empowering me to step forward with boldness in areas I didn’t think I could.
It’s because of his unfailing love that I can rest knowing regardless of life’s ups and downs and twists and turns I have nothing to fear because He is always with me… He will never leave me nor forsake me because He loves me.
Want to know the most beautiful part of all?
Even with all this love He gives to me… He is never, ever empty… His love extends to each and every one of us more than we can even fathom.
photo credit Microsoft Clipart

photo credit Microsoft Clipart

God loves you.
God created you.
God has a very special and unique plan for your life…
There is nothing any one of us can do or say that would cause Him to love us any more or any less.  No matter the mistakes we make in life, God’s love and mercies are new every morning… He is quick to forgive us… all we need to do is ask.
Run to Him in times of trouble.  There is no need to fear…
Allow Him to overwhelm you with His love and saturate you with His peace.  Release your cares to Him so that you can be free of the burdens and weight of life’s many pressures.
His love will fill every crack and every crevice in your life.  Open your heart to Him and allow His love to overflow into your every vein!  Release the pain, release the worry, release the fears, release the condemnation!  Listen as He calls out to you with arms open wide…run into his mighty embrace. 
Father, we come to you today with outstretched arms as we surrender our lives to you.  We thank you for your love.  Your unfailing love that covers a multitude of sins.  We ask now that you wash us through the blood of Jesus and cleanse us from the filth of this world.  Come into our hearts and forgive us our sins.  Wrap your loving arms around us as we receive your love today.  We claim now that “Jesus is Lord” of our life… we thank you for your mercies and blessings, in Jesus Mighty Name, amen!
Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt 11:28)… ah, rest… what a beautiful gift from God.
Have you experienced God’s Love?  Please share your experience… I would LOVE to hear from YOU!


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