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Nov 27, 2017 | Faith

I’m hosting a giveaway of Catie’s book! Comment below to enter! I’ll keep the giveaway open through December 6!

When Dreams Come True: The Magic Snow Globe

by Catie Cordero

I’ve dreamed of publishing a book since I was 10. I’m not joking. I started writing short stories, poetry, and I even won Young Authors in sixth grade. I’ve always had the dream of sharing my stories in a printed format. Today, that dream is a reality.

The Magic Snow Globe is my debut. It’s a children’s book about twins, Willow and Wendell Potter, who purchase a special snow globe from an antique store. At night, the globe lights up and transports them to magical lands where they learn the real secret to Christmas magic.

Not only did I write the book, but I also illustrated it. I worked hard to capture the scenes that were in my mind. Each drawing was painted using watercolor and acrylic. My mother, Cindy Overbeek, an experienced painter, helped me with the painting so that each image would pop.

I wrote this book because I have been seeing a trend in youth and reaching into adulthood, where more and more of everyday life is centered upon technology: iPhones, tablets, computers, etc. It saddens me because I feel that we are losing touch with the beauty of reading. So I asked myself, “What can I do about it?” The answer, “I can write a book that inspires wonder.” If I can pique a child’s curiosity long enough to draw them away from media, then maybe I have a chance of getting them to make a new habit of reading. That’s why I wrote The Magic Snow Globe because it inspires wonder and imagination.

My desire is that this book would help you dream up your own magical lands and the wonders of Christmas. That it would propel you to ask your own ‘what if’ questions. What if a snow globe could magically transport children to other lands? What if toy soldiers came to life and fixed broken toys? What if we traveled back in time to Bethlehem’s stable and the animals could talk? What would they say? My mind travels through these avenues and I wonder.

Let’s use our imaginations and ask “what if” questions and dare to explore the unknowns in our creativity. Maybe you have a dream inside of you? A dream that you’ve been afraid to explore. Perhaps, it’s time to ask yourself, “What if?” What if you put action to the dream inside of your heart?

I’m glad that I did. Dreams can come true.

If you would like to purchase The Magic Snow Globe, it is available on as a paperback and Ebook. It is also available in Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, MI.


Catie Cordero


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  1. Pearl Allard

    Catie, congratulations! That has been my prayer the past few days that my wonder would be renewed. I love your inspiration to keep that wonder fresh and share it with the next generation! Hugs!

    • Brenda L. Yoder

      Who Hoo! Thanks so much Pearl. Your prayer is beautiful!

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