Living BEYOND the Storybook Image Season 2 Episode 7

Jan 14, 2020 | Faith, Podcast Episodes

Welcome, friends, to a brand new year!

To some, a new year means setting resolutions to better oneself in hopes of attaining some form of perfection. Even in the Christian community, we have lists and ideas of what we could be doing better or more of in order to achieve the “storybook image”. It doesn’t take long to realize that the pursuit is futile, and yet many of us still insist everything is smooth sailing even though we’re falling apart.

That’s how the title Life Beyond the Picket Fence came about.

In this episode, Brenda talks about her own struggle to appear put together while at the same time facing some truly challenging life situations. We all do it, especially in the Christian culture and especially as women. When Brenda opened up about her struggles with Christian friends, she was met with judgement and blank stares. She ached for someone to just listen and be there.

That’s what we all crave, isn’t it? A good friend who walks beside us during life’s journey with love, grace, and transparency.

That’s why Brenda began blogging, writing, speaking, and podcasting in order to reach other women who craved this type of authentic community too. Life is messy and we need to know we are not alone or we’re not the only ones messing up. We desire steadfast friendships we can lean on when life doesn’t go as planned. We hope for mature, godly friends who can advise us or guide us through dark times. We crave a safe space to let our guard down.

We hope this podcast can be that safe space for you. Whether we’re talking about tough topics, practical tips, or biblical truths, we commit to doing so with love, grace, and transparency. Whatever it is you’re going through, know you’re not alone and you are loved.


Book Recommendations: 

A Redesigned Life by Tracy Steel

Suffering is Never for Nothing by Elizabeth Elliot




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