I remember telling God I couldn’t let go of that inner part. It was the part of me I’d been protecting for twenty-five years, since I first realized my soul needed protecting at age 14.
For me, an eating disorder, body image, and food protected my emotions, feelings, and my “inner most being.” I had surrendered most of my “stuff” to him when he told me I needed to trust him with the thing deep down inside I had protected so long.
My soul.
The verse above in the KJV caught my attention and has penetrated by soul. God allows suffering. When he does, we are to commit the keeping of our souls to him.
I was the keeper of my soul for a long time. I built big walls around it so no one could get in. There was suffering there. I was bound by false truths, a false sense of who I was, the lie that what others thought of me defined me. I believed I had to protect myself because I couldn’t trust anyone else with the core of myself.
God said, “Let me keep your soul.”
It felt like free falling, like Tom Petty sings about. Giving up your inner most to your Creator sounds great in a worship song. But doing it?
It requires faith as you free fall.
As I let go, I landed in green pastures. He’s been keeping my soul for a few years now. Like this locked door, he protects my heart and soul in ways that food, looking perfect, and pleasing others didn’t.
When suffering comes, he keeps my soul locked up tight from the storms outside. He keeps me safe. He keeps my soul safe. Here, there is rest for your soul.
Do you need that type of rest? I do. I’ve learned you can trust God with your soul.
He’s a faithful soul keeper.
The caveat? You can do good, as the rest of the verse urges us, even when your soul is suffering.
Is there an adversary in your life? A situation or hurt that binds you? Pray for the person or the situation. That is your good. You don’t have to bring your adversary a casserole or open your home to them unless God prompts you to in obedience.
But you can pray in faith that God is keeping your soul when you do. He will allow you no harm. Instead, he will release the bitterness that causes your suffering.
It will like free falling.
But you will land in green pastures.
Then God will lead you beside still waters,
and he will restore your soul.
God’s ways are perfect. His word is applicable to your life.
When you give your heart to Christ through entering into a personal relationships with Him, He’s your peacekeeping soul keeper. He’s the lock on the door to your soul, keeping the bad things out and completely supplying all of your needs inside.
All you need to to is give him the key. It’s where peace reside.
If you want to know more about this peacekeeping God, email me. If you need prayer for your innermost, I’d be honored to pray for that, too. Email brenda@brendayoder.com.

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