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The calendar says it’s Spring, though it’s only 20 degrees here in Indiana.  But I’m ready for spring, so I’m hoping to share some pick-me-ups with you today for a change.   First, I’m posting today at Not Alone Mom on Practical Steps for Keeping Order Without Losing Your mind.  For those of you who think of getting your house in order during this season, click on the link here to read more about how we keep this whole sh-bang together here in Yoderville.

Second, I’m having a give-away this weekend.   I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and thought it was time for a photo (49)perk here at Life Beyond the Picket Fence.  More than that, it’s my greatest hope that when you visit here, you receive something – encouragement, hope, a glimpse of Jesus, or maybe a LOL moment.  I want one of you to receive a little book that’s made a great impact on my life.  I discovered Hannah’s Prayer: Eight Dynamics of Effective Christianity by Kenneth Gividend two years ago at a B&B and it’s the most encouraging, truth-fulled book I’ve read outside of God’s word.  I pick it up often.  I just ordered a copy of it and I want to give it to one of you (I receive no financial compensation or endorsements for doing so).

Here’s the deal – Life Beyond the Picket Fence is about giving something to you when you visit, so if you would like to enter the giveaway, would you, in an email to, send me something you have received from reading the posts {any hope, encouragement, or ways you have been drawn closer to God} along with your name and physical address.  You don’t have to like the Facebook page, Twitter, or Pinterest.  I’d just be blessed to hear from you – my guests.  Email me anytime between now and Monday morning, 8:00 am EST, with those two things, and I will share who wins on Monday.  Thank you!  I’m greatly encouraged when I hear from you!

In the meantime, I’m going to be linking to a new website I’ll also be writing for – Parent’s Space.  It’s a great privilege to IMAG0082join Not Alone Mom and Parent’s Space in sharing encouragement and hope to parents.  I need it every day, too!  I’ll also be holding down the fort here at the Back Forty.  I’m responsible for chores this weekend, so me and the girls are going to have great fun.  Climbing into livestock pens with an unstable knee is an art I’m trying to master.  Stay tuned tomorrow on a post about Barnyard Therapy.

Have a great weekend!  I hope to hear from you so I can give Hannah’s Prayer to one of you, come visit as Not Alone Mom today, and rest in hope and joy of our Risen Savior!

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