If brokenness if a gift, then we don't need anything else for Christmas. Listen to this authentic perspective from Christy Lynn Wood and Brenda talking about a faith that is real, not religion.

“Brokenness is a gift. This year is a gift. I think God is waking us up. I think he’s calling us. I think he is allowing us to recognize we cannot do it by ourselves. We need a Savior.”

– Christy Lynne Wood

Hello friends, hope you are having a great week!

Today, we are concluding our interview with Christy Lynne Wood, talking about her life after meeting Jesus and how her heart’s desire now is to introduce Him to others who are lost, fed up, and frustrated with performing based religion.

Growing up in a very rule based, legalistic homeschool/church environment, Christy strove to please God, her church leaders, and her family. And then, at 15, Christy met Jesus. Years of seeing him as angry, disappointed, and distant, Christy began seeing God in a new light as she continued to read her Bible and spend time in prayer. She found how Scripture beautifully reveals God’s character and how his love is constantly pursuing us even when we fail.

There is so much packed into this episode from Brenda and Christy discussing the disillusionment with the current Christianity culture to how to wrestle through your own faith questions and pursue God’s presence. To find out more about Christy and her ministry, find her on Facebook, Instagram, and her new website! Also check out her podcast Finding the Real God.

And check out the audiobook of Fledge: Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind!

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