Inspiring Stories

There’s power in personal stories.  

Personally, I have gained strength from others who have lived through difficult times, who have persevered when things around them seemed overwhelming or difficult.  People who have successfully lived Life Beyond the Picket Fence.

Stories shared on the blog are from people who have lived life well when the unexpected happened. I hope they give you hope and encouragement, and I hope you will share them with other who need encouragement

Nettie’s Story – originally published October, 2012, by Nettie Kelsey.  Nettie not only had the heartache of losing one child, but two.  Read their inspiring story of faith and perseverance when they wondered where God was in their heartache. 

Lou Anne’s Story originally published in November, 2012, by Lou Anne Hostetler.  Lou Anne shares the journey of a mother receiving word her firstborn has cerebral palsy.  Lou Anne shares the practical steps she and her husband took in raising their son in the healthiest environment possible while facing the challenges of having a child with special needs. 

Tanya’s Story – originally published in January, 2013, by Tanya Glanzman.  Tanya shares her journey of childhood sexual abuse, mental and emotional abandonment from an addicted mother, and overcoming victory she lives in today.   She shares the joy and hope she receives in being a daughter of the Most High God, and how that relationship has allowed her to forgive the deep wounds of her past. 

Candi’s Story  originally published in February, 2013, by Candi Miller.  Candi shares her story of overcoming an addiction to prescription painkillers and alcohol as a mom escaping struggles in her marriage.  She shares the hard but rewarding road to recovery, practical changes she’s made in her life, and how she has retrained her inner dialog to believe new truths about herself and her life.

Stacey’s Story – Originally published in March, 2013, by Stacey Wilson-David.  Stacey shares her story of a heartbroken girl who first experienced abandonment from her father, and then looked for love through several relationships, abuse, and divorce, until she found the unconditional love in her heavenly father.  Stacey’s heartfelt journey and longings is one all women can identify with.

Ingrid’s Story Originally published in April 2013, by Ingrid Lochamire.  Ingrid shares her recent journey with cancer and her reflections on the difficult questions that terminal illnesses bring. 

Naomi’s Story – originally published in June 2013 by Naomi Eash Raber. Naomi humbly shares her journey of loss and how God’s faithfulness has helped her to be faithful in the process.  Naomi lost a mother and sister in childhood, children in infancy, and has helped her husband live life well as a paraplegic. Naomi shares her joy through Christ despite adversity. 

Tammy’s Story – originally published in July 2013 by Tammy Bolt Werthem. Tammy shares a difficult journey of a disconnected childhood, addiction, abortion, and the consequences she has walked along the way. She also shares the hope and victory she has received through her faith, the support network she has built, and strength through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Tammy is a member of iwokeupyesterday ministry.

Dee’s Story – originally published in October 2013 by Dee (pseudo-name). Dee shares about living with bipolar disorder, including her recent stay in a hospital for chronic depression. She shares how her faith helps her live successfully and victoriously as a mom, professional, and lover of God despite a mental illness.

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