If Heaven Were A Place and Why I Stay Away

Jun 18, 2013 | Encouragement, Topics

He stands in an empty room. It’s quite and still, but his heart speaks to memories the he holds.

I couldn’t stand in that room, so I stay away.

There are moments when the pain of what is gone is too great. It sears your mind and heart like a flaming sword reaching to the depths of your soul.

I choose to stay away. I don’t need that today.

I’d rather keep the memories as I know them. Memories of what was good, true, and pristine.Family Praying Before Dinner

Of a place completely safe and full of joy.

The place is a house that was filled with love, laughter, comfort and peace.

But things change, people pass from life to death, and lives move on.

The house will change, too, as it should, with a new generation bringing joy and laughter to its walls.

The empty house I avoid reflects the emptiness I feel on days where I want just one more moment as things were. Moments with people who are no longer here.

So I remember the house filled with a love which was a glimpse of the Father himself.

A plate that hung on the wall in this home.

A plate that hung on the wall in this home.

A table where no one was turned away.

A back door that was always open.

A path worn of little footprints.

For a time, heaven on earth.

If heaven were a place, it’d be there with all the memories that made the house a home.

That’s where I’ll keep it today –

The home that was like heaven in my heart.


What moments do you have that are like “heaven on earth?” Or how have you walked through grief and losses in your life? We’d love to hear from you!


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  1. mamanne

    My little sister passed away when she was only 33… it’s been 9 years, and I miss her like crazy. But I like to remember the fun and silly things about her, and those are the stories I share with my daughter, who will never know her Aunt, and with her children who were so young when she died… I know they enjoy hearing about her.

    • Brenda L. Yoder

      Sharing those stories is what is so important. It gives life to the memories. My youngest was an infant when his grandma died and she only lives in the stories we tell of her. Like your sister, these stories keeps her memories alive. What a great loss of someone so young. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Abe Yoder

    Thanks, I enjoyed this article.

    Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 14:27:17 +0000 To: yoder166@hotmail.com

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