Nothing inspires like a good story.

As a former History teacher, I read history with individuals in mind.  Personal stories inside the landmark stories.  I have been awestruck, strengthened, and encouraged by individual stories throughout time.  People like you and me living through heart wrenching experiences.  From their stories, I gain strength.

The beauty of blogging is the ability to share our stories with others.  Not everyone is a blogger, but their life story is inspiring.

This weekend, I have the privilege to share a powerful, inspiring story being lived each day by a family devastated by tragedy of more than one kind.  I will post it both in its entirety but also in three parts for those of you who like to read in shorts pieces of time.  I will post the three parts tomorrow morning, tomorrow late afternoon, and Sunday morning.

Please, read this powerful story and pass it on to others. It’s a mother’s story who experienced immense heartache not only once, twice, but three times.

Have you ever needed hope in the midst of heartache?

If so, please visit here tomorrow with a cup of coffee in hand, ready to receive hope, encouragement, and strength.

Also, if you need a good book to read as the weather gets colder, please read the review of Until We All Come Home or sign up for my free giveaway A Place to Belong.  The giveaway is open through Sunday.

Blessings to you this Friday, and I’ll see you tomorrow as we share a powerful story of Hope.  His Story.

Love to you in Him,


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