So, I’m sitting here in the breezy sunshine, so full of thoughts, yearning for time to process them all, but a few notes before I rush off to class.

God is so good.  He works, He moves, and is in control, always.  I have been so blessed by women in my life, and today I was blessed by my friend and classmate Emily, as we were discussing the truth of gender roles – what is of man, and what is of God.

And I’m so thankful … God is bringing me through my own journey of my womanhood, the more I draw to Him, He brings more and more clarity.  Clarity of what is from Him, and what is not of Him, what is of man, and what isn’t truth.

It’s exciting to see a new generation of women – far removed from the mommy wars and women wars that some of us experienced in our lives as women of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, who are seeking God and not what is expected of them.

Ha!  I can include myself if that, although I’m having to undo some of those expectations I took hold of as a young woman.  But SO thankful that God doesn’t change, and He meets us where we are at.

Yep, it’s a girl thang, and so thankful we are His girls.

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