Forty-Something Things I Should Do

Jul 20, 2012 | Faith

My friend’s daughter, Erin, challenged her blog readers to link up things to do in the coming year, reflecting their age.  Sweet, charming Erin listed twenty-six.  So, I challenged myself to come up with……forty-something.  Here is goes!

1. Read a whole book in one day and do nothing else.
2. Help my son become a “Child of the Revolution.”
3. See my second child graduate.
4. Start my new job.
5. Start my new job and not be overwhelmed.
6. Start my new job and get in to a new routine.
7. Sort through my closet.
8. Be pleasant when I don’t feel so pleasant.
9. Publish my first article in a real paper magazine (it’s coming in December!)
10. Figure out how to create a new website at and not go crazy.
11. Drop my second child off at college.
12. Have some fun just having two kids at home.
13. Have some fun on my husband’s new motorcycle.
14. Buy an Ipad.
15. Take my last child on the last road trip I take with all my children when they turn 13.
16. Go to hiking in southern Indiana.
17. Run a half-marathon.  Really, September 9 in Chicago.
18. Never run a half-marathon again.
19. Not be intimidated at starting a new job.
20. Be “gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love” (Exodus 34:6)
21. To minister to the hurting and the lost.
22. To paint my laundry room yellow.
23. To write like no one else was reading.
24. To get into a routine after four years of not being in a routine.
25. To not be afraid of what people think.
26. To not get angry at certain children who don’t listen when their mother is trying to help them with things.
27. To love like no one else was around.
28. To forgive when others don’t know they have hurt me.
29. To relax.
30. To not wish my children out the door too soon (can you tell today is one of those days?)
31. To laugh more.
32. To pray more.
33. To write more real notes and put them in the mail.
34. To not look back too much.
35. To sing more country music.
36. To keep my professional work within the stage of my life (I don’t need to do everything, now).

37. To pay off all my students loans that bought me that “MA” degree.
38. To read to my last child at bed before he won’t tolerate that at all!
39. To believe the best in people no matter what.
40. To tell my husband I’m glad we’re still together.
41. To not let cyberworld become my world.
42. To bless and not curse.
43. To rest.
and yes, 44.  To be happy with where I am.

What would you like to do this year? 
 Check out the other lists at Living in Yellow.  Thanks, Erin!


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  1. Rachel

    Spending a whole day reading a book and nothing else sounds like so much fun!

  2. JJ

    Oh, cool. Love the new look of the blog. The fence is cool. This post is great. And I read Erin's blog and am going to start following her. (Just curious – whose daughter is she? Someone I would know?) Thanks, Brenda!!

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