For That Which was Stolen

Aug 14, 2012 | Faith

I’m linking up with Ann Voskamp in making gratitude a habit.

This week, we filed our first police report. 

We woke up Wednesday realizing our 4-wheeler was gone.  Not misplaced, but gone.  Taken quietly in the night, just yards from a German shepherd, rolled through my flowerbeds (the police pointed out the tracks) and up the hill to the west.

We stored our 4-wheeler in front of our barn just yards from our house.  We have three outside dogs that make quite a ruckus at any squirrel running in the front yard. That night, they were silenced.

Who ever did the job had it well-planned, and had scoped us out.  We live on a major thoroughfare, and it happened in the dead of night when traffic was nil.  Probably about 2-3 in the morning by someone who knew how to do it right.  

I am thankful for a husband who was troubled, but calm.  

I could see his face, the trusting man raised on a dairy farm who knew all of his neighbors, and saw the trust was broken.

Yet it wasn’t.  

In twenty-five years, I’ve learned patience, calm, and faith from this man.  Not just faith in God but faith in trusting.  

Trusting when you can’t control things.

Trusting that 
even the worst situations 
will somehow work out.

Trusting that getting Bent-Out-of Shape 
doesn’t make a situation better.

I saw three boys look intently in their father’s face when they heard something had been stolen from right under our noses.

Their response would be measured by that of their leader.

Peaceful calm assurance  was what they saw.

Because he modeled it, 
so did I.
So did they.

“As the leader goes, 
so goes the nation.”  

Our day went on as usual and we slept okay that night.

The locked doors were checked a couple more times.

A few more outdoor lights were on.

And there was peace.

I’m thankful for a man 
who lives what he believes, 
who models it in front of his children,
 and who trusts in a God 
who’s bigger than the boogey man.

Even when the boogey man is real.

“Perfect love casts out all fear”  1 John 4:18


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  1. Susan (My Place to Yours)

    Brenda, I'm sorry to hear what happened to your family. It really is a disconcerting thing to have something stolen so close to home. But I love the tribute to your husband. His – and your family's – faith and choice to trust can never be taken from you. Blessings!

  2. Denise

    What a beautiful tribute to your husband Brenda; he sounds amazing! My husband is much calmer than I am most times; I am still learning! :)I am also learning that gratitude is (and has become!) a habit of praise and thanksgiving; we are so blessed!Blessings and hugs,Denise

  3. Anonymous

    Good post, great father and Awesome family. Thanks BrendaLori Buys

  4. Anonymous

    Great posting, Brenda. Lynn Bontrager

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