Why My Kids Don’t Do Energy Drinks

Oct 21, 2014 | Parenting

When energy drinks first came out, I decided they’d be off limits for my middle-school and elementary-age kids. They had enough energy as it was, why would you give them more?letting-your-teens-drink-energy-drinks

From experiences teaching and counseling teens, I see inerrant dangers when kids use unnecessary substances to alter behavior. It sets a precedence for using something outside of yourself to cope, something of which can become addictive.

I’m sensitive to addictive behavior because I’ve spent a lifetime undoing unhealthy behaviors I learned as a teen. At fourteen, I learned food and dieting helped me cope with adolescent struggles. It turned into years of addictive behavior dealing with any emotion or struggle I had. It’s taken years to completely undo the addictive nature of learned behavior.

That’s why I’m the weird mom who doesn’t give my kids energy drinks. It’s also why I was bothered when my college student received his textbooks from a popular textbook rental company accompanied by an energy drink. It was wrapped in bubble paper, looking all shiny – the answer for late night homework.

It’s one example of sinister and sneaky marketing that’s stealing healthy behaviors from our kids and young adults.

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