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Do you feel stuck–in a relationship, job, or season of life? Do you struggle with as a parent, wondering how to navigate the next stage or how to currently help your child?

Are you restless with ideas, but don’t know how to make them reality?

Do you wonder how life, your job, ministry, or relationships can be better, but don’t know how to get there?

Are you a parent wondering how you can handle your children’s struggles or you own struggles as a parent?

Brenda L. Yoder, LMHC, is an expert on helping people get from one place to another. Her experience as an educator, therapist, speaker, writer, parent, and ministry leader provides Brenda with a wealth of professional and personal experiences to walk with coaching clients. She equips you, her client, to reach your dreams, remove obstacles, grow personally, and discover God’s strength within you.

What’s the difference between counseling and coaching?

Counseling is for mental health issues, crisis, or trauma. Counseling approaches problems by looking to the past and what needs to be healed in order to move forward, helps a client stabilize mental health issues so they can manage in healthy ways in life, work, and relationships, or helps a client work through trauma or crisis.

Coaching helps functioning, healthy individuals or parents with a current problem or issue in which they feel stuck and helps them move forward. Brenda’s background in mental health, education, and trauma informed care provides clients with a wealth of information and strategies to move forward in their personal, professional, or parenting journey.

To contact Brenda for about coaching services, email her at Brenda is a needs-based service provider and provides affordable services for clients. She also has limited openings for in-person, non-crisis counseling in LaGrange County, Indiana, and the surrounding areas.

Professional Bio

Brenda L. Yoder is a national speaker, author, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Her parenting book, Fledge: Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind is endorsed by Jim Daly of Focus on the Family, and her first book,  Balance, Busyness, and Not Doing It All released in 2015. Brenda’s been featured in two Chicken Soup for the Soul books; the Washington Post, For Every Mom, and writes a monthly mental health column in her local paper.

Brenda has worked with youth for over 25 years as a high school teacher, school counselor, youth leader, and mentor and was twice awarded the Touchstone Award for teachers by REMC. Brenda has been a service provider for foster care, domestic violence, has worked extensively with at-risk youth. She has been trained by the Faith and Trust Institute on healthy boundaries and advocates for and teaches workshops on child abuse prevention, social media, healthy boundaries, and dating violence for churches, community agencies, and schools. She is also trained as a Trauma Competent Caregiver and coaches parents, schools, agency, and churches on topics related to youth, culture, and emotional, behavioral, and mental health.

You can connect with brenda at  where she writes about faith, life, and family beyond the storybook image. She is also the host of the Life Beyond the Picket Fence podcast and hosts the Fledge Parent Facebook Forum. Brenda is a wife and mom of four children, ranging from teens to adults, and lives in Shipshewana. You can also connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.




Terms of Service

All material presented on Brenda’s website, at speaking events, or on social media are not personal services for counseling or coaching by Brenda or by Still Waters Christian Services LLC. Readers of her material or audience members cannot hold Brenda or Still Waters Christian Services LLC liable for personal choices or actions based on material presented in non-client relationships.


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