Do you feel stuck–in a relationship, job, or season of life? Do you struggle with as a parent, wondering how to navigate the next stage or how to currently help your child?

Are you restless with ideas, but don’t know how to make them reality?

Do you wonder how life, your job, ministry, or relationship can be better, but don’t know how to get there?

Brenda L. Yoder, LMHC, is an expert on helping people get from one place to another. Her experience as an educator, therapist, speaker, writer, parent, and ministry leader provides Brenda with a wealth of professional and personal experiences to walk with coaching clients. She equips you, her client, to reach your dreams, remove obstacles, grow personally, and discover God’s strength within you.


As a licensed mental heath counselor, school counselor, teacher, parent, speaker, and writer, Brenda has expertise and experience from a variety of settings in mental health, education, community, and ministry. Brenda has worked in both inner city and rural settings, both private and public venues, and secular and faith-based organizations. Let Brenda share her expertise with you in the following areas either as a consultant or coach:

  • Writing, speaking, editing, or social media.
  • Mental health, emotional, or behavioral needs.
  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Boundaries
  • Education training, pedagogy, advocacy, professional development in areas of public education, learning styles, student behavior, curriculum development, self-care, team building, career education, and meeting needs of difficult learners.
  • Non-profit or ministry development.
  • Community and multi-cultural context for organizations and non-profits.
  • Life and work balance.
  • Grant writing related to mental health, child development, education, youth needs, or behavioral needs.
For more information on consulting or coaching work, contact Brenda at or 260-336-3387.

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