Boys and the Game of Clue

Aug 27, 2012 | Faith

Mom, are you coming to my game tomorrow night?

A common question in our busy house.  Usually the child asking is wanting to know how s/he’s getting home from the event.

With more children than parents in our family, it’s been our protocol that at least one parent is at each child’s event, which is tricky some nights where you literally do not know how that will logically happen.  As a couple, we discuss who need to be where, recognizing times when one of us needs to be “back home” with the other children who have homework, etc., who need to have a stable night at home in the hectic-life-of-a-family-with-school-age-children.

We have five sporting events in six day this week, so tonight was going to be my night home with the other kids who need a warm meal and a mom to slobber over them with kisses (in my dreams) and questions about their day.  

Mom, are you coming to my game tomorrow night?

This question came not only once last night, but twice.  Unusual for the boy who doesn’t say much and hasn’t let me kiss him since he was five.  Seriously.  He stopped letting me kiss him when he was five.

Making a mental note of the repeated question, Papa and I talked about who should be where.  I was thinking tonight was my night to get the busy week started off right by being at home with the other two.  

So mom, are you coming tomorrow night?

He asked as he walked upstairs for bed.

As a mom of boys, I’ve learned 
kind of goes like this:

1.   If they really don’t want you do something, they’ll say so.

2.   If they really don’t care about something, they’ll say so.

3. If they want to talk to you or need something, 
they usually just don’t come out and say it. 

Instead, they speak in code, 
or at least give clues that what they are saying 
is important.

For some reason, this young man needs his mom at his game even though his dad is going to be there.  Perhaps it’s just for a ride home because his dad has a church meeting afterwards.  Perhaps it’s because he wants to discuss things deep inside his soul (highly unlikely), or maybe, tonight, he just needs his mom to smile at him from the stands. 

No matter the reason, I deciphered the clues. 

A third time is a charm.

Tonight, I’ll have a warm dinner in the oven for two boys.

Because tonight, this one needs me more.

Today, who needs you the most?

“He who has an ear, let him hear..”  Matthew 11:15

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  1. Janette@Janette's Sage

    What truth and familiar words in this household of five boys and all played sports..well one still is.One season we had five in sports at one time..we did it, I have no clue now how, but we did..and I have had to listen to those hidden messages…still listening for them as three of my boys are now young men..they still need times for mom to hear the hidden message

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