May my God supply all of your needs according to your glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:19

It’s ironic the busiest week our family’s had in a long time is the week I spoke on “Balance, Busyness and Not Doing It All.” Whether it’s God’s sense of humor or attacks from the enemy, it was what is was, and now it’s over. 

And the next week begins, with more busyness. When does it ever stop?

The more I engage in life and with others, the more I’m convinced you have to be intentional about big and small things in life, faith and parenting. 

This past week my son’s varsity basketball team won a semi-state championship in the Hoosier state. Our IMG_1132community has a long-standing tradition for good, disciplined basketball teams for over forty years. They weren’t ranked or were expected to make it this far in the tournament. In fact, when I planned the Got Balance? retreat, I asked my son and husband about the odds we’d be at the state tournament that day. “Pretty slim” they both said. 

But the team’s coached by a man who’s intentional about everything he does in practice and on the court. He plans for every scenario that might happen. And in the least expected moments, it’s paid off.

Life isn’t any different. Our faith just doesn’t arrive at a deep level without spending personal time in a relationship with Jesus Christ through His word, prayer, and walking in obedience. Opportunities in life just don’t happen by circumstance – they happen when we’ve been intentional in the small moments that provide open doors at just the right moments. Kids just don’t show up on graduation day ready for the next step without hard work and goal setting. Living intentionally is one of the greatest investments you can make.

Busyness can rule your life, whether you’re a parent or not. Your emotions can rule your life unless you’re intentional about knowing how to manage them. Toxic people can rule your life unless you’re intentional about setting boundaries with them. Your pain and past can rule your life unless you’re intentional about releasing your mistakes and hurts to the grace of Jesus Christ. 

Whatever your week holds for you, you can be intentional about it. If you need to put some things off so you can spend time with your kids or other people you love, do it! If you need to say no to things so you are less stressed and can breathe during a hard time, do it! If you are carrying a burden too large to carry, be intentional about sharing it with a friend who can lighten the load for you. And in each moment, thank God for the opportunity to live and enjoy whatever He has brought your way. Seize the moment – don’t take it for granted.

Father, thank you so much that you care about details in our lives. Thank you that you are intentional about everything in our lives, that not one things goes by without your notice. Thank you that you equip us to be in tune with your whispers in our ears when we need to stop our busyness and be focused on what you say is important. Thank you for supplying our every need. Amen.

A Personal Note: I’m going to regroup myself the next few weeks. I’ll be sharing more of the parenting posts I write regularly here, rather than just in links. I have the privilege to join the writing team of Whatever Girls ministry with Erin Bishop. I’m writing more about parenting at other sites, I hope to share more of them here in addition to regular posts. With a state championship and my daughter coming home from Guatemala in the next ten days, I need to be intentional about my time as a mom. My daughter, especially, is going to need a mom who’s not too busy in the coming weeks, so I’m going to focus on being mom first and writer second. I’d love to keep up with you outside of the blog posts at the ministry’s Facebook page. 

Thanks also to those who attended or prayed for the Got Balance Retreat on Balance, Busyness and Not Doing It All. It was a fabulous day, a full house of moms who were encouraged and blessed by God’s word and area merchants. God was faithful in many, many ways. And I got to see the last quarter of the championship ballgame. God cares about little details, too! 

How can I pray for you in the moments you are longing to be intentional about? Comment below or email me at It would be a privilege to do so.

Does the group of moms at your church struggle with balance, busyness and trying to do it all? I’d love to share this retreat with your women’s group. See the “Got Balance” tab for more information, or contact me at

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