• I could write about saying good-bye to my firstborn, the scene forever etched in my mind.
  • I could write reflections on it, but I’m ready yet.
  • I could write about our adventurous trip over the mountain and back.
  • or I could write about what life will be like now with a household of preteen and teen boys. 
But school is starting tomorrow, and my heart always is thoughtful as new school years begin.

Shiny notebooks, crisp folders and unsharpened pencils
new clothes, backpacks and shoes
excitement, apprehension
and growing up 

As a teacher, there was always the excitement of “getting back”
New ideas, plans, ready to roll at the job you love.

Students, of all ages, excited to begin
for some,
being scared to death at what the year might bring.

My heart cringes at the things some children will go through this year.
My heart swells at the impact teachers, counselors, busdrivers and staff will make on a child.
My heart is saddened at mothers sending their children off to school, whether kindergarten or college and the heartache that brings.
My heart is grateful for education offered to all children in this country.
My heart is thankful for the opportunity I have had to see children grow into the life the Lord plans for them
as a parent, teacher, and now counselor.
I praise God for the privilege to be part of this fabric in our culture
that touches eternity through the life of a child.

Jesus says, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  (Matthew 19:14)

Blessings to all involved in going back to school.

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