A New Lesson to Learn: Being Still

Apr 1, 2011 | Faith

In the blogosphere, there’s a lot of about household management, parenting etc.  Today I’m writing about a simple dilemma of time:  Trying to decide what to do seven days called “spring break” 

  • do I clean out closets that are well over do?
  • do I wash down walls that are well over do?
  • do I paint bedrooms that I have promised the children?
I also am a grad student finishing up the final weeks of a three-year program. I have a comprehensive exam in 5 days, which determines whether I graduate or not, plus portfolios to put together, a presentation to university faculty, and hours to finish for internship.
  • do I spend all my time the next week working on these things?
  • do I prepare for the new job I am starting before I finish school, working on the pieces that I need to work on now?
As a mom, there is the all-allusive goal of just spending fun time with my kids, reconnecting with my husband, my parents, friends (the list goes  on…..)
  • do I throw caution to the wind and just play over the next several days, doing what is most important?
In the last two weekends, friends have attended wonderful retreats of which I was unable to be at.  A friend of mine suggested I Get Away for my own personal retreat.  So, last night  I made reservations at a local bed and breakfast and have time between now and noon tomorrow to be by myself. 

Wow…more time options are spinning in my head….
  • Do I study those 40 essay questions for the comprehensive exam of which  I am not sure will be asked?
  • Do I take other work along, getting ahead so I can do more of the tasks above next week?
  • Do I sleep in or go to bed early, robbing myself of precious time to do (the other things  listed above)?
As I have been pondering these things this morning, I’ve decided on a game plan. 

Because the intention of the get away is to recoup much-needed spiritual retreat time, I am deciding to take a change of clothes, my bible, and a notebook. That’s all.


The decision’s been made.

I trust as I seek the Lord and am quiet before Him, the time to study, clean, play, and (rest) will fall into place after noon tomorrow.

I’ve never done anything like this before – getting away exclusively to seek the Lord, without work, responsibilities, or multitasking.  For the past three years wherever I go, my laptop has gone with me.  Efficiency has been the name of the game.

I don’t feel real efficient this morning, but I guess I will be a student the next 24 hours learning what it means to be still, seeking to know more of Him.

Where ever you are as you read this, whatever your plate may hold in the days and weeks to come, join me, even in the small moments, in being still before Him….leaving the other results at His feet.

Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

P.S.  I’ve also decided to  take a hymnal and leave my cell phone with internet.  

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  1. Ron Joe White

    Be still and wait on the Lord are two of the most important things we can do and yet often the most difficultHave a great weekend 🙂

  2. Justacogitating

    You have amazing timing, Brenda. I'm facing the biggest argument of my career (thus far) early next week and just had someone walk me through a meditation last night. It involved deep breathing and relaxation then imagining a cushiony blanket of peace covering me. The cushion attracted every feeling of love and kindness ever directed toward me. In this state, I was to imagine that I was joined by a guide. [I always end up imagining God.] Before me I was to see a large screen, and focus on a situation in which I wished to feel calm and confident. After imagining yourself within the setting, quietly observing yourself being calm and confident, you enter into the scene with the guide.You concentrate on the feeling, the confident warmth, and your guide turns to you and reminds you that you can return to that feeling at any time, because it is within you always. Cool, eh? I'm working most of this weekend, and I expect that my argument will be here in the blink of an eye, but tonight I will endeavor to revisit the calm, quiet confidence.Perhaps I'll see you there. 😉

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