“Search me, O God, and know my heart.” Psalm 139:23

Do you ever wonder what God was thinking when gave you responsibilities? Like motherhood or leadership roles? You bring your hurts, insecurities, fears and past relationships into your roles. You bring your coping skills.

God created us to be whole women so we can be nurturers in His kingdom. The key to balancing life is finding wholeness. 

What does it mean to be whole?

Being whole means we don’t have gaping wounds in our mental and emotional make-up. It means we don’t look to our children, husband, or others to meet our needs. It’s facing our hurts and letting Jesus heal us and make us whole in His grace, love and presence.

The first step in being whole is giving up control. It’s allowing God to take care of your past, your pain, your insecurities and unhealthy ways cope. As you allow Him heal these things, wholeness will balance out the unevenness in your life.

The second step is letting Jesus fill the gaps in your life. By setting aside time with God, seeking Him through prayer, applying His word to your life, and letting Him balance out your weaknesses, you’ll find peace of mind and heart that only He can fill. But there may be times you need professional help for your hurts. Don’t neglect this. Self-care equips you to grow, flourish and be the nurturer and daughter God desires you to be. 

The third step is obeying what God asks you to do. Obey God first before doing what others are telling you to do. God is the head of your life, even before your husband. If your husband, parent, child, boss or co-worker asks you to do something in direct disobedience to God, obey God, not man. When in doubt, God is the one you need to obey.

Knowing and obeying God requires having a relationship with Him, being in His word, setting aside time to listen to Him, and prayer. When you’re grounded in Christ, you’ll worry less  about what others think of you, their expectations, and you’ll find balance in Him and His will for your life. People will fail you, but God never will.

What are areas you need to seek God’s wholeness for you?

Father, help me to know what being whole is. Fill the gaps in my life. Turn my face from other’s approval and turn it to you. Show me what it means to obey you and to trust you in ways I can’t trust people. Will you be my the head of my life? Will you fill me and draw me to you? Thank you.

This is an excerpt from the my upcoming book, Magnified: Finding God’s Best In Busyness. It’s also content from the upcoming “Got Balance?” retreat in Nappanee on October 25. We’d love for you to join us!


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