This article is reposted from one of my earlier blogging days.
 The Grocery List
I just sent my 16 year old boy out the door with his 12 year old brother to get “groceries.” 16 year old just got his license two days ago. On the list: 
    1. Drive to the grocery store. 
    2. Buy pop, apples and bananas (They should master this.)
    3. Buy hamburger, artificial sweetener. (This requires asking a store employee and reading. Could be interesting)
    4. Go to the Fabric Store in the same building as Grocery Store. Buy iron-on interfacing (Sister works at this store, so she will make sure they master this task).
Combined, they have the age of a 28 year old.  It should work.
 As the children drive off, I’m extremely happy.

  • This is why I had children–to give them lists with hopes they come back with the goods.
  • The joy of watching eagerness in doing a new task.  The Boy will drive anywhere for me, at least for now.
  • The humor in imagining Boy 1 and Boy 2 looking for a 10 pound bag of hamburger. They will get it done, but it’s the learning process that makes me smile.
  • The anticipation of a smile and laugh when they get home.

Will they get the goods?

What will be the story?

How many phone calls will I get in the meantime?

The joy of parenting. Cars. Boyhood. Smiles.  A good day.  In the time I wrote this, Boy 1 and his brother were back. They Got the Goods. Mother is happy! They only forgot the sweetener. “The lesson?”  I asked.  “Write it down” he said.  A very good day, indeed.
What simple things make you enjoy your day?

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