11 Truths When Life Seems Complicated

Mar 31, 2015 | Life

My kid asked if we had ancestry.com. He has a genealogy project for school. I got out a stack full of books listing several generations. He 11077388_10206748943066098_6410746213049111239_otraces his roots all the way to an English ship in 1700.

A kid tells me she gets Ramen noodles for supper because Dad only picks up wings for him and her brother. Mom doesn’t fix supper because she’s at the gym every night. Sometimes, the student doesn’t eat, and no one notices.

The newsfeed’s filled with mommy-blogs explaining how to make better bunny cupcakes and be okay with yourself if your yoga pants are too tight.

And there are broadcasts on national news about protests in my home state over something politically incorrect.

I sit at my computer for over an hour trying to put artful words to thoughts from my soul.

So I’ll ineloquently put random truths on the page.

  1. If your kid has roots, be thankful.
  2. If your child can call up her grandparents to ask questions about their families, consider it a gift.
  3. If your children sit with you at a meal, even if you don’t pass the food or it’s not organic, cherish it.
  4. If your teen rolls their eyes at you when you ask them about your day, ignore it.
  5. If your pants are too tight but your husband thinks you’re sexy, receive it.
  6. If your kid’s birthday consists of Twinkies, Kool-aid, and a basement full of kids giggling and farting, you’ve done a great job.
  7. If you love God, then show it to everyone.
  8. If you’re envying someone else’s life on Facebook, stop it and appreciate yours.
  9. If your house is a mess, have company over anyway.
  10. If your kids are in bed, embrace it.
  11. If you have a job to wake up to, sleep well.

That’s all there is to say.


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  1. Linda Heign

    Brenda, this is so well said. If only we could keep our hearts focused on all the blessings. Thanks.

  2. Clara L Bontrager

    I love you, Brenda! You truly are a blessing to many!


  1. » 11 Truths When Life Seems Complicated - […] My kid asked if we had ancestry.com. He has a genealogy project for school. I got out a stack…

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