10 Ways To Teach Sexual Integrity To Teens

Nov 12, 2014 | Faith

Believe it or not, what our teens believe about sex and the intrinsic value of others is more important than grades, sports awards or college. Their choices in these areas define their character and future relationships. It affects their physical, emotional and mental health. What adults believe aboutsexual_integrity teens, sex, and integrity is a big deal.

Media, technology, video games and social media make sexual acts public, dehumanizing and normalized. Kids as young as twelve are becoming the fastest population viewing online pornography. When kids are desensitized to sex, their moral compass changes. As parents, we’re still guardians of their soul.

In this sex-saturated world, how do you teach sexual integrity to teens?

  1. You have to live it.  Kids pick up parental values by watching, listening and modeling your behavior. If you view pornography or lack sexual integrity, you shouldn’t expect anything different from your teens. Even if you do these things in private, they have an effect on your family.
  2. Assess the sexual messages in your home. Read the rest of the post here.


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