10 Tips for Social Media Safety

Nov 19, 2015 | Parenting

Social media is scary – your kids have access to things outside of your control with social media and technology.10 Tips for Social Media Safety

Kids are vulnerable to online predators and harassing behavior from peers and other adults, unless you follow strict safety rules.

The most important social media safety tips for parents include the following 10 steps:

  1. Don’t allow your child to put their phone number or location on a social media profile or “check in” at a location. You may know where your child is, but do you want everyone else to know, too?

  2. Teach your child to make wise choices over who “friends” or follows them in social media.

  3. As a parent, control who sees the information your child puts on their wall, profile, or news feed. Make sure you have the password to their account and that settings are set for the strictest privacy from the general public.

  4. Monitor unwanted, harassing posts or messages on social media. Teach your kids to control what they will read or accept. Block a person if necessary.

  5. Allow young children to use the internet on a tablet, phone, or computer only in places with adult supervision. Regarding smart phones, read this article and consider the facts for your family’s decision.

  6. Be on the same social media venues where your kids are. Know how they work, and require that you follow or friend them.
  7. Teach your child not to send pictures they wouldn’t feel comfortable showing to you. Pictures remain forever in cyberspace even after the original is deleted, including Snapchat. All it takes is someone taking a screenshot.

  8. Teach your child to not say anything in a text or message they wouldn’t say to someone face to face. Once it’s written, there’s proof of harassing or inappropriate words.

  9. Be aware of pros and cons of GPS tracking on smart phones. You may know where your child is with a GPS feature, but so do other people they’re connected to on social media. Sex offenders usually aren’t the creepy guy on the street corner, but someone who knows your child. GPS enabling opens up doors for grooming by sexual predators.

  10. Communicate with your child about cyber relationships.  Know who your kids are friends with online just like you would with their “real-time” friends.

Your children are the first generation with access to technology that opens doors of unlimited possibilities, but also unlimited danger.

As parents, we have to be diligent about teaching social media safety.

How do you keep your kids safe?


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