This weekend was my first book signing. I am honored to be published in Chicken Soup For The Soul: Reboot Your Life. It was a great time. I made new friends with Glow Bookstore owner Denise Henke, saw old friends (including my elementary school principal!) and was blessed by current ones.

My face was plastered in local newspapers and I had colleagues who said, “I know someone famous.”

I learned a lot in the last few days. So here are ten things I’ve learned during my five minutes of fame.10689709_792929140765531_4590506985338252729_n

1. People will say nice things about you. Enough said.

2. People will say bad things about you. Being noteworthy gives people who don’t know you permission to say weird things.

3. Your family keeps you humble. One of the boys didn’t realize why my name was on a local marquee and hubby went to the wrong location for the book signing. Obviously they didn’t read the newspaper.

4. Your job as mom is most important. In the two days of the book signing, I went to two conference meets, proofread a resume and grant application, answered phone calls from a child in tears just minutes before the event, and got up early to carpool.


5. When you take a risk, it give others courage to do the same. Many people told me my story has given them courage to pursue their dreams. If a dairy-farmer’s wife from Shipshewana can do something, then anyone can.

6. Perfume and deodorant go along way. Running a cross-country course and watching a tennis match in the sun makes you sweat before a book signing. My Honda was a great green room for the event.

7. Being on the front page of the newspaper is flattering but it’s not where I live. A random Facebook discussion on the day of the event reminded me about shallow relationships and stereotypes, of which I don’t like.


8.  Everyone has a story. I just wrote mine down.

9. It was just weird. Why? On the same two days I was signing books, a friend’s husband found out he has cancer and multiple friends experienced personal crisis.

10. God is what all of this is about.

Yes, it was fun and yes, I was honored. I’m thankful the things above reminded me there’s real life beyond the picket fence image. 

How was your week?



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