There’s a trend among bloggers to chose a one-word theme for the upcoming year. Normally I don’t do what others do because I’m a silent non-conformist. But I’ve been thinking about this space, wondering what’s needed when you and I find our lives beyond the picket fence image.

One word comes to mind:Live

So here are ten reasons I’ve chosen the word Live for 2015.

1. Life can be dark, so let’s focus on life. I’ve been in a rough place this fall, working with situations full of despair and heartache. Instead of focusing on the darkness, it’s important to live well even in painful circumstances.

2. Hard circumstances aren’t for the minority, but are national and worldwide, too. I want to live intentionally to impact broken communities. Do you?

3. God wants more from Christians – not just belief in Him, but faith in what He says He’s do. I don’t want to just believe by faith, I want to live by faith! I’ve been stepping into active faith in 2014. God has taught me big lessons about who He is.

4. Life is full of blessings, new opportunities and challenges. 2014 has been quite a ride for me. God’s been expanding this ministry and bringing big events into our lives (for the kids, too). They haven’t happened by luck, but by doing the work before you. Life can just happen, or you can live in the fullness of what’s offered to you – doors to walk through, opportunities presented, risks to take.

5. I don’t want to look back or shrink from what’s ahead. I’m getting older and so are you. Does that frighten you? Are you longing for where you used to be or are you worrying about where you’ll be in a few years? I’m learning today is the only thing that’s guaranteed. So why not live today?

6. God’s word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12). in 2014, I’ve been applying and praying scriptures boldly. The Holy Spirit has worked in extra-ordinary ways. God wants to do outstanding things to draw others to Him, but we’re too scared to take Hi2015m at His word. I’m learning to anticipate He will do what He says He will. And He has.

7. Life is short. So I’m going to be a little more bold, a bunch more appreciative, and a lot more intentional.

8. Life isn’t perfect, so stop waiting for it to be that way. Start living in His power no matter what life hands you. I’ve seen how fragile life is. If the picture-perfect image is your reality now – celebrate! You don’t know when you’ll be living beyond the storybook image.

9. Balance, busyness and not doing it all (the theme of my upcoming book) isn’t a special formula – it’s about creating intentional priorities, then living them. It’s that simple.

10. I need encouragement and so do  you. So let’s focus on living intentionally, living your best, and living in His power, now. Will you join me?

Really, do any of these 10 reasons to live in 2015 resonate with you? I’d love to hear about it. In the mean time, as I write blogs or post guest-articles in months to come, I’ll include the hashtag #Live2015 in the post or social media link. I’d love for you to share in your social media circles. 

Also, do you have a story about intentional living?

I’d love for you to share it here with us. Contact me at and we’ll chat about posting your story of intentionally living!

Also, follow the hashtag #BalanceInBusyness for quotes and comments from my upcoming book, Magnified: Finding Balance in Busyness. Join us on the ministry’s Facebook page or on Twitter for quotes, resources, and dialogue!

So, join me in living in 2015!

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